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Carbon Insurance

Insurance Facilitators were delighted to launch Australia’s first insurance cover for forestry sequestered carbon.

A global first for the insurance industry that has been developed in collaboration with major accredited carbon offset project managers, carbon credit auditors, loss adjusters, and relevant state and federal government bodies. This has been our undertaking to both satisfy your corporate governance obligations and to provide protection for your carbon planting commitments.

  • Our policy covers forestry sequestered carbon plantings against re-emission.  This is not a reworded standing timber policy and it will not respond as one.

  • Our policy insures, at the current contracted carbon price, for Fire, Lightning, Aircraft and Hail strike.  We can also cover for Windstorm and the all costs associated with re-establishment including a change in species and location.

  • Our policy is annually renewable by way of offer and acceptance.

  • Our policy is an agreed value policy.

There are three levels of cover:

  • Standard Cover’ insures your current contracted sequestered carbon.

  • Indexed Growth’ allows you to insure the additional portion of carbon sequestered during the period of insurance but not yet subject to contract.

  • Future Loss of Carbon’ allows you to insure both the current contracted carbon and the carbon projected to be sequestered in the next 4 years.

Premium terms are available on request following completion and acceptance by us of a short risk based Proposal Form.  They are sensitive to applied risk management and quality fire planning.

Coinsurance (the excess) is a component of this insurance and you can apply the excess to either the total sum insured or a per block basis.

If you want to discuss carbon and / or obtain a copy of our Policy Wording then please email us at

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