Cotton Insurance

What can you insure for?

  • Hail

  • Fire

Additional Benefits include:

  • Re Planting

  • Additional Growing Costs

  • Seed Cotton in Transit

  • Refuge Crop cover

  • Micronaire Downgrade as a result  of hail

  • Leaf & Colour Downgrade as a result of hail

  • Delayed Picking as a result of hail

Our policy offers three options for determining yield:

PredeterminedYield Cover

  • The Insured Yield and Agreed Valuen ominated by theinsuredandagreedbyUsis consideredfinal.

  • IftheActualYieldofanInsuredFieldislessthan75%oftheInsuredYieldforthat field, we  thenrecalculate theField SumInsuredusing theActual Yield (harvestyield).

VariableYield Cover

  •  TheActualYieldpickedreplacestheestimatedInsuredYieldtakenattheinceptionof the  policy  for  the  purpose  of  calculating  the  Sum  Insured  in  the  final  premium calculation. The Actual Yield is capped at 125%of the Insured Yield.

ProductionCost Cover

  •  We cover for the Agreed Variable Cost inputs.  Requested changes to the costs can be made and agreed by IF. The Agreed Variable Costs are considered final for the purpose of calculating premium and any potential claim.

For full details of this insurance including limitations, exclusions applied excesses and general conditions please read the Insurance Facilitators Cotton policy wording.