The IF Management Team

Jon Gapes

Managing Director

Establishing Insurance Facilitators in 2001 Jon has shown a continual capacity to actively listen and constantly learn in order to adapt their products to the ever-evolving landscapes of both farming and insurance. Amidst these fluctuations, he has always upheld the foundation principles: fostering enduring partnerships grounded in sound business practices, extensive in-house expertise, fairness, and equitable outcomes.

Jon remains deeply engaged in all facets of the company, drawing heavily upon the expertise of the senior Insurance Facilitators team. He always enjoys travelling across regional Australia and New Zealand, ensuring the sustained viability and effectiveness of their services for insurance broker partners and their agricultural communities.

Kirsten Mooney

General Manager 

Kirsten Mooney has over 24 years of experience within the insurance industry as a Broker Manager in the corporate sector, Underwriter Manager in the Agricultural sector and now General Manager of IF.  Her skill set includes distribution, business planning and strategic analysis and she has a clear vision of IF’s goals and objectives to optimise the portfolio.  Her management ethos focusses on professionalism, integrity and creating a collaborative working environment to enhance the success of the business.

Kirsten’s greatest achievements are her two children, she is a devoted wife, and her passions include riding their horses, travelling and staying fit.

Brenda Li

Financial Administrator

As a Financial Administrator with Insurance Facilitators since 2016, Brenda brings a Master of Accounting and is a certified CPA (Australia) and ACCA professional. Brenda’s expertise lies in financial management and analysis, ensuring the company's success through meticulous planning and strategic decision-making.

Outside of work, Brenda enjoys exploring different cuisines and practising meditation, which instils in her a sense of balance and creativity. Additionally, Brenda’s commitment to family values underscores the importance of stability and sustainability, qualities integral to both her personal and professional endeavours.

Jaye Coleman

Claims Manager

Jaye has accumulated two decades of experience in the insurance sector, spanning Australia and Europe. Beginning her journey as a Claims Consultant, Jaye has progressed to the role of Claims Manager at IF, where she has found her professional home. She has a profound dedication to IF's offerings to the broker and grower network, driven by her strong conviction that farmers are pivotal to the nation's foundation.

Jaye is committed to advancing claim procedures to safeguard the sustainability and equity of Agricultural Insurance. Recognizing the human aspect behind every claim, she approaches decision-making with a comprehensive perspective, acknowledging that there is a person or family behind every claim, not just a checklist.

Larissa ‘Larry’ Guidotto

Senior Underwriter

With over 25 years in the insurance sector, Larry has primarily focused on underwriting, complemented by occasional forays into insurance broking. Larry's underwriting expertise spans various products, encompassing Broadacre, Commercial/Heavy Motor, Construction, Equine, Jewellers Block, and Farm Insurance, among others. 

Returning to the realm of Broadacre Insurance with Insurance Facilitators in 2021, Larry has embraced the challenge of delving into the intricacies of Crop and Forestry Insurance. 

Her extensive underwriting background equips her with a profound understanding of risks and adeptness in risk assessment.