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Multi Peril Crop Insurance

Multi Peril not available in 2023

Cropsure provides cover if your harvested crop yields fall below an Agreed Yield level, as a result of:

Section 1- MPCI

  • Lack of rainfall

  • Excess rainfall

  • Temperature Stress

  • Frost

  • Windstorm

  • Insect / Pest Infestation

Section 2 - Names Perils Revenue Cover

  • Hail

  • Fire

  • Explosion

  • Lightning

  • Additional Benefits – Straying Livestock, Chemical Overspray, Transit, Storage

Key Features

Section 1

  • Require 10 year yield history – providing a customised solution to individual farmers

  • Meaningful Yield Levels – relevance to customised cost structures

  • Agreed Value / Agreed Yield – Removing potential contract confusion regarding how value relates to the yield.

Section 2

  • After Harvest Policy

  • Excess based on area damaged not paddock size

  • Other additional benefits and conditions as per our named perils cover

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