In accordance with the Privacy Act 1988, Your attention is drawn to the following:

Personal information may be collected about You for the purposes of providing insurance services to You, including:

  • evaluating Your proposal,

  • evaluating any request for a change to any insurance provided,

  • providing, administering, and managing the insurance following acceptance of a proposal, and

  • investigating and, if covered, managing claims made in relation to any insurance You have with Us.

Apart from Insurance Facilitators Pty Ltd and the Insurer, Your personal information may be disclosed to other persons such as:

  • reinsurers and brokers, loss adjusters, claims investigators, mailing houses, claims reference providers, legal and other professional advisors.

You have the right to request access to, and correct, any personal information that is held about You, subject to the Privacy Act 1988. To assist in maintaining correct records please inform Insurance Facilitators Pty Ltd of any changes in Your personal information provided, as they occur. Where an error or mistake in assessing your application for cover, claim or complaint is identified, we will immediately initiate action to correct it.

In some circumstances, We are able to deny Your request for access to personal information. If We deny Your request for access, We will tell You why and You will have the right to request Us to review Our decision though Our complaints handling procedures. We will provide Our reasons in writing.

If accessing Your personal information will take an extended period of time, We will inform You of the likely delay.

For more detailed requests for access to personal information, for example, access to information held in archives, a fee may be charged to cover the associated cost of retrieval and supplying this information.

If You do not provide all or part of the information requested, Insurance Facilitators Pty Ltd and the Insurer may be unable to provide the services, which may prejudice Your insurance cover.