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Claims Fraud

Did you know that insurance fraud imposes additional costs on honest policyholders? Insurance premiums are calculated on risk. So fraud is really a cost to our local community and to every policyholder.

While we focus on paying claims, as a responsible community insurer we also manage levels of risk to control premium costs and to protect honest policyholders. The majority of claims are legitimate, a small number are suspicious and are referred through to investigators for further analysis.

The good news is that community perceptions are changing. People who do the right thing don't want to subsidise fraudulent claimants. We're encouraging the community to help prevent insurance fraud.


You can help. How to report insurance fraud

Email us at

Online (anonymous)
National Insurance Fraud Website

Phone (anonymous)

1800 600 444

Fraud Manager
PO Box 106,

Fullarton SA 5063

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