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Winter Broadacre Crop Insurance

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What are you insured for?

  1. Hail, Fire, Explosion and Lightning; or

  2. Fire only

Additional benefits include:

  • Re-sowing due to loss at an early specified growth stage

  • Seed and grain in storage or transit

  • Chemical Overspray

  • Straying Livestock

  • If your paddock is greater than 200 hectares and you make a claim, the excess will apply to the area damaged within the paddock

  • After Harvest option does not have an actual harvest yield cap based on initial yield estimate

Optional Benefits

  • Decreasing Excess

Our policy offers two settlement types for winter crops;

  1. Our innovative ‘After Harvest Declaration’ (pay only what you harvest) or

  2. The traditional ‘Final Revision Method’.

For full details of this insurance including limitations, exclusions applied excesses and general conditions

please read the Insurance Facilitators winter broadacre policy wording.

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